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Sunday, 28 April 2019

01-How to make account on Intra Haryana | HRMS Haryana

How to make account on Intra Haryana | HRMS Haryana

Intra Haryana Login

If you are using https://intrahry.gov.in for first time, you have to sign up first. It means you have to make an account on this site.

For this you have to keep ready following information with you

  1. your Payee Code also known as (UPC-Unique Payee Code).
  2. Mobile no. for OTP, which is already registered in HRMS.
  3. Bank A/C No.
  4. IFS Code of the Bank/Branch.

Sign up for intra haryana


           Select Employee type = State Govt Service'

           Enter your Payee Code (UPC)
           Salary Bank Account

   And Click on Submit.

                                   (SEE PICTURE FOR DETAILS)

hrms haryana
fill your payee code and other details


        Click on any of these option-
                        -Show mobile No. from eSalary
                        -Show mobile No. from HRMS

     when you click any of these option, your registered mobile no. will appear.  If its corrected then           click on 'SUBMIT' button. IF your mobile no. is wrong, ask your computer incharge to                   correct it in HRMS.

verify mobile no.


           After, verifying OTP, it will ask you to set your Password. Set a password with combination of special character, Upper and lower case and numbers (Example : @Ram2019, @2019Sita etc.)

create password screen

 After submitting,  you will get message of 'USER REGISTERED SUCCESFULLY...'

And its done !! Now you can login in intra haryana by entering your payee code, Password and Captcha code.

Welcome screen of Intra haryana-

After login you will see the following welcome screen in your login.

welcome screen

That's All.

If you have any problem, feel free to write us in comment or mail. 
We are happy to help !!

~Chief Admin


  1. unable to fill family id , after login the sign of 'create family id " is missing
    in that case from where we can fill family id

    1. option of creating family id through intra haryana is removed now. Now you have to create/check your family id through www.meraparivar.haryana.gov.in

      for more info, visit this link and most of your queries will be solved.

  2. Sir, my salary bank account has been closed and new one is opened in same branch. How to change to new salary bank account number? Thanks.

  3. My payee code shows duplicate what can i do sir


Thanks for your feedback. We will contact you back very soon to act on your query/suggestion.

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