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Wednesday, 21 September 2022



centa notification for GMSSSS
CENTA notification dated 20/09/2022

The employees (PGTs) who have cleared CENTA test are being given an opportunity to fill the preferences of station for posting in GMSSSS and Aarohi Schools. 

The employees can fill their choice of stations from 20.09.2022 at 18:00:00 hours to 26.09.2022 till 23:59:59 hours. 

The list of eligible employees and vacancies are available on the said portal. 

  • 1. The employees posted through the screening process shall have a minimum stay of three years in the allotted GMSSSS. 
  • 2. The teachers of Mewat Cadre can only apply for Model Sanskriti Schools situated in Nuh District. 
  • 3. No applicant will be entertained after the last date of filling the choices. 
  • 4. Applicants are advised to regularly visit the departmental website for necessary communications. 5. The Department has the right to reject any candidature without assigning any reason if not found suitable by the authorities.
Link for Filling preference for GMSSSS for notification dated 20/09/2022

List of Eligible Employees >>  CLICK HERE   (As on 20/09/2022)

List of Vacancy Offered (Subject wise) >> CLICK HERE (As on 20/09/2022)


CENTA Test Study Material for posting in GMSSSS and AAROHI Schools

for Mock general question paper and Subject Specific mock question papers, click on below link (For All TGT and PGT Subjects)

Syllabus for CENTA Test for GMSSSS and AAROHI schools-

For Online Test-
Syllabus for CENTA Test

TIPS for Crack the written test

    1. Check your mail regularly for notification regarding mock online test.
    2. Practice and learn from Mock tests.
    3. Get familiar with the Education related terminology like FA, SA, Diagnostic Test etc.
    4. Achieve Mastery over your subject specific.

    For Video Test

    Video test will be taken through online mode (Most possible through ZOOM Meetings). Candidate will have to do two videos back to back. In ZOOM meeting video test, candidate will be sent to a separate 'room' in the same zoom meeting. In the ZOOM meeting room only candidate and invigilator will be there. 

    Video 1- (Subject Specific)- (20 Marks)
                             3 minutes preparation time for 5 minutes video presentation.

    Video 2- (General Topics/School Mgt./Communication Skills)- (5 Marks)
                             3 minutes preparation time for 5 minutes video presentation.

    After both videos presentation, candidate will be asked to leave the room and join back the meeting for others instructions.

    TIPS for Crack the Video test

    1. Check your mail regularly for notification regarding video test.
    2. Install and Learn to use online meet Apps like ZOOM meeting and Google Meet.
    3. Prepare some 5 marks questions from your subject for video-1
    4. Select a proper and silent place/room in advance for video test.
    5. Do some mock test with your friends to get familiar with online mode.
    6. Its always better to use board while presenting your video test.

    Study material for CENTA Test for GMSSSS and AAROHI schools-

    For psychology and Child Pedagogy related question, You may download this file-

    If you have any other query, feel free to write us or comment us.

    All information/links/images are property of concern copyright holders. No copyright infringement intended. All material is provided to the help of teachers who aspiring for GMSSSS and AAROHI schools.


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